A Bit of News

For those who read this part of my web site, I keep being asked what is happening with the gallery. Here is a bit of an update, with what information I have.

Yes, of course, New Masters is opening again. These things do take some time. For those clamoring for my work, you can still purchase my paintings from New Master Gallery directly, though their new location is not open yet. You can also, purchase off my web site as it now accepts credit cards.

I don’t have an exact date of the gallery’s opening. I will say it is on Dolores street, but on the other side of Ocean Avenue. Interestingly enough, it is just about a half a block from where Bill Hill opened his first gallery 40 plus years ago, and where I first showed with him.  It will be the location of the gallery until such time as the old space has been repaired from the fire. So watch this space for updates as I get them, and if you get to Carmel, watch THIS space. It’s nice to see, isn’t it?

Everything else remains the same. P.O. Box 7009,Carmel, CA 93921: 831-625-1511 :800-336-4014.





Not Good News


I am sorry to say that,if you didn’t know, New Masters Gallery has had a fire. For those of you who are aware of this situation, I wanted to let you know I will continue to sell my work on the gallery’s behalf during their renovations. First and foremost, of course, nobody was hurt. And, most of the art is safe.

Hopefully all of those people who have enjoyed the wonderful collection that Bill Hill and his family have presented over their forty plus years in business in Carmel, will continue to support them through these difficult times.

If anyone is interested in a painting from my Available page, and are unable to contact the gallery during this hectic period for them, please feel free to contact me.

Just consider me the temporary New Masters Gallery annex for my work. I have great skills in packing paintings and am not afraid to use them.

Please call me or contact me via e-mail with any questions you might have.

Thank you!



Otter Fun Facts

As some of you may know, I’m having a show and painting demonstration tomorrow, Saturday May 23, 2015 at New Masters Gallery on Dolores between Ocean Ave and 7th St, Carmel , CA 93921, from 4-7pm. 831.625.1511, for any questions.

I decided to do a little coloring sheet for kids to hand out there. But I was so pleased with it, I thought I post it here so it can be downloaded anywhere. It is for kids big and small, who love to color. Feel free to color outside the lines. I do it all the time!

Otter Fun Facts

Otter Fun Facts


Responsive Web Design

Okay, don’t go for a snooze right away. This is important.

I have noticed from my web site statistics that I am get a lot of views of my site from Smart Phones. So when my web designer wrote about Responsive Web Design in her blog, I paid attention. I am not saying I knew exactly what she was talking about, but she knows her stuff, so I got in touch with her about it.

After all, I have a website to show people my work. And if it doesn’t work properly for them, that defeats the purpose. So, just to let you know, for those who follow my Musings, it is in the works.

And just to make this a little interesting and less dry, here’s a little image I did when i was first learning to paint  with Photoshop.

"Fuji-san and Two Fairies"

“Fuji-san and Two Fairies”




Opinion Please

I just finished up another painting for my show : Saturday,  May 23, 2015, at New Masters Gallery on Dolores between Ocean Ave and 7th St , Carmel, California, 93921 from 4-7pm. 831.625.1511in case I forgot to mention it.  It is a round one because I thought I had several frames that size. It turns out I had two.  

One is a bit more simple, an antique gold and wide. The other is a champagne gold, brighter but narrower. I can’t decide which looks better on it. The painting is, of course, excellent.  The question is, which frame do I put on it. So I thought I’d ask the folks who look at my web site and my Facebook Merry Kohn Studio page, which one they think looks better.

It’s not a contest, and there is no prize. I may not even take the opinion given if there is a response. I will however offer a hearty handshake to anyone who shows up for the event, and tells me they offered an opinion. Or I may just look for another frame.

"Otter Garden 1" - Option 1

“Otter Garden 1” – Option 1


“Otter Garden 1” – Option 2



Save This Date


“Otter Frolic 3″ 10×8”

Please join us for a fun-filled evening with Local Artist, Merry Kohn Buvia. She will be here doing a live demonstration of the Sea Otters. It will be a kid friendly environment. Don’t miss out. These little guys are swimming fast!

Saturday May 23, 2015 at New Masters Gallery on Dolores between Ocean Ave and 7th St from 4-7pm.


Way Ahead of the Holidays

I realize that I haven’t posted in a long while. I also realize that not all the folks who see my work do so on my Facebook Merry Kohn Studio page. So I would want anyone to miss my jump start on the holidays. After grousing about how the stores seem to have the holiday decoration up the day after Halloween, I jumped right on that bandwagon and came up with a couple Christmas cards designs. A la’ otters of course, what else.

I continue to be busy painting the adorable little creatures.  And mind you, the actual canvases don’t have the Santa hats. But I occasionally have a moment to spare and have had great fun dressing them up for the season.  So, I thought I’d share the images I came up with here. They are available at Fine Art America as Christmas cards, a print on demand site. You can have your own greeting printed inside them as well, if you are interested. For me, they just make me smile.


"Carmel Otters 4 Christmas"

“Carmel Otters 4 Christmas”


"Monterey Otters XVII Christmas"

“Monterey Otters XVII Christmas”



Okay, Okay!

I certainly had not anticipated so many people actually trying to find the differences, much less getting frantic at not finding it. It was meant as something to just fill up space, as I hadn’t posted since my photo of the adorable Japanese girl.  Thanks so much for all the feedback and the slightly peevish e-mails too. So, here is the solution. Rest your eyes.






My Newest Painting- Oops!

I am not one to think myself perfect. On the contrary, I am far from it. Even after all the years of painting, I makes mistakes. Or, should I say, I forget to finish things in my work.

After staring at a canvas for a length of time, in such close quarters, I sometimes just don’t see things I have been staring at for hours and hours. It sometimes takes me calling them finished, scanning and then, uploading them, and seeing them on the screen to finally go, “Uh-oh! Missed a spot!” That’s what I did in this one.  Actually two places, but one I caught.  It was minor I went ahead and uploaded it that way. Nobody can tell.

In the past, I did some pretty large, and intricate paintings. My biggest oops was way back when. I had taken a painting to the gallery, varnished and framed. It was where I was actually working at the time. Don’t stop me if you’ve already heard this. I am already hard pressed to come up with a story to fill this page with occasionally.  But as I showed the painting to a potential collector, I noticed that among the many, many children running happily across the landscape, there was an empty pair of pants running along with them. That was long before I figured out that it was so much easier to paint the figures and then dress them.  As I recall, the client bought the painting but I took it home to finish it off before I shipped it to her. So it ended well.

With the tiny otter series I have been doing lately, I generally don’t miss anything. But this one is bigger that most of them and I did overlook it. So I’ll fix it today before I varish it. And get it to the gallery soon. See if you can spot it. Just for fun. No, I won’t say what it is. It may be glaring only to me.  If you get stuck, let me know.

"Kelp Forest Otters VII-$800.00-8x10"

“Kelp Forest Otters VII-$800.00-8×10”

And here is is done. See if you can spot it now.


“Kelp Forest Otters VII” -8×10″