Responsive Web Design

Okay, don’t go for a snooze right away. This is important.

I have noticed from my web site statistics that I am get a lot of views of my site from Smart Phones. So when my web designer wrote about Responsive Web Design in her blog, I paid attention. I am not saying I knew exactly what she was talking about, but she knows her stuff, so I got in touch with her about it.

After all, I have a website to show people my work. And if it doesn’t work properly for them, that defeats the purpose. So, just to let you know, for those who follow my Musings, it is in the works.

And just to make this a little interesting and less dry, here’s a little image I did when i was first learning to paint  with Photoshop.

"Fuji-san and Two Fairies"

“Fuji-san and Two Fairies”




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