Opinion Please

I just finished up another painting for my show : Saturday,  May 23, 2015, at New Masters Gallery on Dolores between Ocean Ave and 7th St , Carmel, California, 93921 from 4-7pm. 831.625.1511in case I forgot to mention it.  It is a round one because I thought I had several frames that size. It turns out I had two.  

One is a bit more simple, an antique gold and wide. The other is a champagne gold, brighter but narrower. I can’t decide which looks better on it. The painting is, of course, excellent.  The question is, which frame do I put on it. So I thought I’d ask the folks who look at my web site and my Facebook Merry Kohn Studio page, which one they think looks better.

It’s not a contest, and there is no prize. I may not even take the opinion given if there is a response. I will however offer a hearty handshake to anyone who shows up for the event, and tells me they offered an opinion. Or I may just look for another frame.

"Otter Garden 1" - Option 1

“Otter Garden 1” – Option 1


“Otter Garden 1” – Option 2



5 comments to Opinion Please

  • rhond

    I like option 1. Reminds me of a porthole.

  • I like the solid coppery frame, because it is plain and does not compete with the artwork!
    (I was in Adrienne’s class (’67) @ PG High!)

    Your work is quite whimsical and special!

  • Annie

    I like option 1 … I agree with Rhond’s comment about the porthole … 🙂

  • Cindy

    I like the first one…potholeish!

  • Richard Davus

    Very cute, even if you have smelled sea otters at the Monterey aquarium. Hope to see you and Rick in August. Angelina passed away 4/2/2015, and am emotionally destroyed.