A Bit of News

For those who read this part of my web site, I keep being asked what is happening with the gallery. Here is a bit of an update, with what information I have.

Yes, of course, New Masters is opening again. These things do take some time. For those clamoring for my work, you can still purchase my paintings from New Master Gallery directly, though their new location is not open yet. You can also, purchase off my web site as it now accepts credit cards.

I don’t have an exact date of the gallery’s opening. I will say it is on Dolores street, but on the other side of Ocean Avenue. Interestingly enough, it is just about a half a block from where Bill Hill opened his first gallery 40 plus years ago, and where I first showed with him.  It will be the location of the gallery until such time as the old space has been repaired from the fire. So watch this space for updates as I get them, and if you get to Carmel, watch THIS space. It’s nice to see, isn’t it?

Everything else remains the same. P.O. Box 7009,Carmel, CA 93921: 831-625-1511 :800-336-4014.





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  • dorothy spangler

    hi Merry, I just can not get any inf. Doing some changes and appreciate any news of late you could have? Thank you Hope all is good for you. Dorothy