Swan Boat

This turned out so well, I though I’d put it here too.

A Little Otter

Here’s a little fun thing I’ve been doing today. I find after completing a large painting, I am at loose ends. I have a hard time getting going on something new. This is a great compromise I’ve found. I can go into my computer sketchbook, and throw some bits together and have a […]

Otters and Mermaids This Time

Here is the latest image I’ve been working. See some old characters? Probably. But some new fish added. Trying some new backgrounds with new brushes.

I find it fascinating in this new medium, as I have just discovered, that you can create your own brushes. As an artist, over the years, […]

No Otters This Time

Don’t get me wrong. I love otters. There are not many critters that are cuter. But, as an artist, I am the first to admit, they are hard. If you try too hard you end up with something that looks like a dyspeptic gopher. Not enough effort, and you end up with something worse. Simply […]

I thought you might like to know….

This is as close as I can get.

Can’t Have Too Many Otters

Several years ago, I did three images for the world renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was one of the high points in my career.

In looking back at them now however, I notice that I only put one sea otter in them. It was a beach scene.

I find is odd now because one the […]

Spring Is In the Air

…or is that just pollen. I’d like to write some clever lines but I had fun on the image and that is enough for me.

Fairy Songs

Paris Skies Feast

This time I’m branching out a bit. Trying my hand at a computer assisted Paris one. Back to learning more; frustrating as well as fun.

Merry’s Fairy Fun

I suppose I should have a whole category for this subject. I remember as a little kid, poring over picture books about fairies, and elves and fantasy in general. I wanted to crawl inside them, they were so beautiful. I wished I could paint pictures like that, create little worlds of flying creatures. Eventually, that […]