Otters and Mermaids This Time

Here is the latest image I’ve been working. See some old characters? Probably. But some new fish added. Trying some new backgrounds with new brushes.

I find it fascinating in this new medium, as I have just discovered, that you can create your own brushes. As an artist, over the years, the hunt for the perfect brushes had become practically a holy grail. Expensive little things too. You would not believe what you have to pay for about 16 bristles just because they come of the hind end of a rare rodent’s tail. Or so they say.

But back to the com-painting. If you need a brush that they don’t have in the list, you simply create it. No pruning it with tweezers when a hair get out of place. No babying the tiny brush with the perfect point, to keep it going through just one more painting. And I am still just scratching the surface.

So, for the viewers, I hope you like it. For artists out there who see these, and who like me, thought never in a million years will it do what I need it to, you have GOT to try it. It is a blast.

Mermaid Play