Can’t Have Too Many Otters

Several years ago, I did three images for the world renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was one of the high points in my career.Otter Raft

In looking back at them now however, I notice that I only put one sea otter in them. It was a beach scene.

I find is odd now because one the  things the aquarium is so famous for is it’s sea otters. It is the most popular exhibit. Not to mention it has a otter rescue program, where surrogate otter moms, raise orphaned pups till they are ready to go back into the wild.

They are about to re-open their exhibit after a big renovation, so it has been in the local papers a lot and much more information on their web site. So, I have had otters on my mind and thought I’d spread my wings a bit with my computer paintings to include them. I’m still perfecting them but thought I’d fling this try also, to go with my Spring entry.  I have to say, they are very hard to capture on canvas. More than one try ended up being hurled into the recycle bin.

This one I was satisfied with. I hope you like it.