Works in progress

Flowers and Fantasy

Not to be outdone by….well, myself, I took the last image a step further. I even added some new characters as I didn’t want the same little adorable creatures in recurring roles. Not all the time. It is not easier than painting though. It is just different. I can’t say, after spending hours and hours at this, that it is faster.  Just different.

Some of my experiments with the paint tools, went horribly wrong. But some, wow, are they ever great. My big challenge right now is not to take every element and give them a big glow, but I surely do love that feature. Like having magic at my fingertips.  So thank you, for those of you who have given me the nice feedback.  It is very much appreciated.

Just a note: if this seems a bit different, it is. I went back and tweaked it.

And then, I went back and fiddled just a little more. 


Garden and Lantern

Here is my latest, all done on the computer. I do realize that graphic artists do this all the time, but for me it is a real eye opener to realize there is not much I do on canvas that I cannot do on this.  Some of it is so much easier than painting it too. They are still “Merry paintings” though. It is simply another medium for me.  In thinking back, I have tired almost everything in art at one time or another.  This is just one more thing I am trying.


Fuji-san and Friends


I must say I am impressed with the computer photo painting programs.  Aside from the sky, stone lantern and the butterfly, everything was painted on the monitor. Granted, my eyes are crossed from staring at it, but, all in all, I’m pretty pleased with it so far.  Not done fiddling of course, but 24 layers and counting, I’m getting there.

I was asked why I am learning how to paint on the computer now.  It has to do with my answer  when folks ask me where I get my ideas. The answer is, I have a head stuffed full of ideas. My problem is, I can’t get them out and onto canvas fast enough.  That darned old drying time thing, not to mention going over colors again and again to get them opaque enough for me to be satisfied.  And the special effects, well, I have to say I surely can’t paint that delicate glow around the fairies and the moon.  I sure love it though.

So I am finally learning how, and having a blast. Very frustrating as well, but loads of fun. Stay tuned.



A Penguin For All Seasons

So here’s a good attempt at computer painting, as I call it.  My first project a little while ago was coming up with a logo for a potential project that required one. I worked at it all day, struggling with moving bits around that needed different background and figuring out how to make a border on it. I decided at the end of the day that is was ridiculous because I could have sat down and painted one from scratch and it would have taken half the time.

But I am nothing if not determined and I have been working on it here and there between paintings. So, here’s my start.

"Penguins in Fall"


"Penguins in Winter"


"Penguins in Spring"


Yes, Summer is coming. But it just isn’t here yet. Watch this space as it will be arriving shortly.  It is very odd to not end up with anything on canvas as the end of a long day.  Layers, however, are challenging. It’s very frustrating after carefully painting clothing on the characters to see them floating off of them if you select the wrong layer to move.

But with some trial and error, some great coaching from my web person, and I am making progress.