In the Works….

I usually post images of my new paintings as they come out. I realize it’s been a while. My studio page on Facebook has been scolding me about it incessantly. Oh dear! No views, no new likes, how can I go on. And you know, if you don’t have views and likes these days, you simply do not exist. I figured I’d be content to stay in the background as far at most of it is concerned. I mean, who can compete with a hedgehog? Or a cat with every holiday costume there is? And believe me, I am decades beyond the time I can take off my clothes to get attention on social media! Not that I would have ever…ever!

I turn bright red when I walk into the gallery and meet a client who has just purchased a painting.  I didn’t even realize I tweeted until I saw a plug-in that needed updating. Who knew? Frankly, my favorite social interaction is between me and a canvas, and paints.

But I’ve tackled a new painting. Yes, more sea otters but this time, it’s a rather large one.  It’s 16″ round and it’s going to be another week or two….or so, before an unveiling.

I thought it would be fun to show you a few bits of it along the way. Parts of it are finished so here’s a peek at those bits. But that is all you get to see of it for now. I’ll post it in its entirety when it is done. It will just take a while.