Not That I’m Complaining……

But I am complaining. About the weather. I find that it doesn’t do much good, but I’m doing it anyway.

Granted, I think I live in the most beautiful area in the world. The Monterey Peninsula is a fabulous place to live. To be an artist within a couple miles of Carmel by the Sea, a renowned haven for artists and art galleries galore. I am fortunate enough to be showing in one of the oldest galleries in town, not to mention, the oldest one  with the original owner, New Masters Gallery. If you visit Carmel, be sure and drop by there. It’s pretty impressive.

But we are also renowned for the “June Glooms” as well. This year, we’ve moved onto the August glooms as well.  I’m not enjoying it. As an early riser, and daily walker, I’ve been steadily adding layers these last few weeks. We had a teaser of a couple of days of very warm weather, but then, this again.

I have to admit, the sun does come out. Right about the time I am trying to sit down to paint. Of course. So, I am registering my protest in the way I communicate best, My art. Here’s my opinion.