At Last, A New One

In June last year, there was a devastating fire at New Masters Gallery, where I have shown my paintings for almost 40 years. My paintings were safe, and a couple of months later, they moved into a temporary home, blocks away from the old location. On July 9th, they had a grand re-opening […]

New Masters Gallery is Back!

For those of you who follow my web site or my Facebook page, you may know that last year, New Masters Gallery had a terrible fire. The made a temporary move a couple blocks down to street to a lovely location. But it wasn’t home.

They have now moved back to their original location, on […]

Happy Spring!

Happy Easter!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The New Year

I had every intention of beginning the new year with creating more paintings. Then my first cold in a decade hit me. And as I bounced back, I got hit with Laryngitis. So down for the count this time. Nuts! So no new paintings just yet. There are still many on my AVAILABLE page though. […]

Happy New Year 2016

As much as I like to wait until the last minute, I am actually getting this fun project done before then. On my birthday no less.

It’s been a challenging year with the gallery fire and all. But the gallery is open in its new temporary location. So here’s to a […]

New Masters Ribbon Cutting

For those of you interested, here is a borrowed photo of the ribbon cutting of New Masters Gallery’s new, temporary, location. By temporary, I mean, probably a year. There was a wonderful congratulations, from the Carmel Chamber of Commerce. And what a beautiful space it is. So if you go to Carmel, California, Dolores between […]

New New Masters Gallery is coming along!


Here is some of the interior of the new, New Masters Gallery. It is coming along! The ribbon cutting will be Friday, October 16, between 4 and 7 PM. The new location is on Dolores between 5th and 6th. That’s in Carmel, California, for those who are not familiar with it. What do you […]

A Bit of News

For those who read this part of my web site, I keep being asked what is happening with the gallery. Here is a bit of an update, with what information I have.

Yes, of course, New Masters is opening again. These things do take some time. For those clamoring for my work, you can still […]